America, Economic Innovator?

Michael Lombardi is a trusted name in the list of authors associated with the finance and the economic fields. The newsletter Profit Confidential which he started in the year 2001 has furnished invaluable information to more than a million investors in 140+ countries and they have benefited greatly from his financial commentary and the alacrity with which he has correctly predicted a number of economical and financial events. As a result of the same, within no time, Michael Lombardi has become the cynosure of all eyes globally and has also earned the confidence of his innumerable readers.

Having risen to fame as the correct predictor of five major economic events over the past 10 years, the following points emphasize the fact that whatever Michael Lombardi envisaged did occur and these served as eye-openers to the realization that America was indeed in the midst of a series of economic downturns during various periods of time and that those who took his forecasts in a serious vein did, in a practical manner, get to reap the harvests of the famous saying “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”.

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